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 I Moe I's Attempt To Apply For Mod

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I moe I

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PostSubject: I Moe I's Attempt To Apply For Mod   Wed Dec 02, 2009 5:15 pm


My name is Matt, Also known as I Moe I.

I would like to apply for Mod if possible.

1. How long have you been playing RuneWorld:
Well I started Yesterday as a Nooby, So technically 2 days.

2. How have you helped RuneWorld:
Uhm.. I'v caught some Dupers in the action and managed to take a Screenie but Purple Torso posted it, Also Help With new players.

3. How will you help RuneWorld:
I will help RuneWorld by Making sure Everyone that pk's, pk's fairly.
I will help new players.
I will find and catch people who abuse this server.

4. How many hours a day do you play RuneWorld:
School night 2-3 hours.
Weekends 4-5 hours ( But my parents are split up and i don't play at my dads. Every other Weekend.

5. Have you ever been Banned, Muted or Your account ever been locked:
Nope, I'm a good player Smile

I have Donated before but i have no money on my Paypal atm.
My name Is listed up above.

I am 14 years old.

Where i live:

Ask in game Razz( hit me up Razz )

Thanks for the opportunity

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I Moe I's Attempt To Apply For Mod
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