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 Read this before donateing :) Info Prices/How to donate

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Read this before donateing :) Info Prices/How to donate Empty
PostSubject: Read this before donateing :) Info Prices/How to donate   Read this before donateing :) Info Prices/How to donate Icon_minitimeSat Jan 23, 2010 2:41 pm

About Donating

1. Go to ( )

2. Send the money to ( )

3. To be a donator you have to donate $3 or over.

4. Runescape accounts must be over lvl 80 inless its a skiller of course and have a decent amount of money...


1. Green mask $5

2. Blue mask $5

3. Red mask $5

4. Santa hat $7

5. Bunny ears $7

6. Purple partyhat $10

7. Yellow partyhat $10

8. White partyhat $10

9. Green partyhat $10

10. Red partyhat $10

11. Blue partyhat $10


1. Vesta long sword $10

2. Statius hammer $10

3. Statius helmet $3

4. Statius plate body $5

5. statius plate legs $5

6. Morgans Range helmed $3

7. Morgans range top $3

8. Morgans range bottom $3

9. Slayer helmet $5

10. Slayer mask $3


1. Sara sword $4

2. BGS $6

3. ZGS $6

4. SGS $8

5. AGS $10

6. Dragon claws $12

===========-End of prices Info below-===========

Ok so those are the prices If you guys want other items up there to donate for say so and i'll probly end up makeing a price for it these are just the bigger items i thought of i dont think any of them are to out rages seeing that i am paying for a VPS myself No i will make a botton soon to just click and it will go to the page to donate so its easier for now this will do also when you donate you WILL be able to get in the donator shop! Very Happy you have to donate 3$ or more to get in it as i said above no there will be no donations for staff inless the price is really really good or the runescape account is really really good but i would rather you not try to donate for staff as i would want alot for that and the big reason i dont want players donateing for staff is it can lead to a bad community lets say the players donated for administrator or moderator and he ends up being a really dick then players would quit and never come back that's my example thank you guys for reading this hope you dont have the prices to out rages i really dont think they are...

Thank you, Owner Kid
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Read this before donateing :) Info Prices/How to donate
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