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 ------->Slyshadows Staff Application<--------

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PostSubject: ------->Slyshadows Staff Application<--------   Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:51 am

First off I have to tell you ill only be on weekends im dedicated to sports and school and just cant find the time to be on every day. Also if I wasnt good enough i wouldnt even post and Application.I can be active on the forums just not the server on the weeks.

1. About 3 days

2. Im thinking bout donating but cant get my dad to gimme his paypal

3. Well if your looking to add a staff member with 3 years mod exp and admin/coder exp aswell as a fun loving kid who looks to better himself. Then I can help you alot.

4. Around 4 on the weekends maybe more.

5. Nope except one time when a admin went rogue and killed a server i was working for.

My In-game username is:


1. How long have you been playing RuneWorld

2. How have you helped RuneWorld

3. How will you help RuneWorld

4. How many hours a day do you play RuneWorld

5. Have you ever been Banned, Muted, Or you account ever been Locked[/color]

===========-You must add this info!-==========

*Give us your (in game Username) You have to give us that or we dont know who you are!
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------->Slyshadows Staff Application<--------
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