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 Owner Kid ( skilling Guide )

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Owner Kid

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Owner Kid ( skilling Guide ) Empty
PostSubject: Owner Kid ( skilling Guide )   Owner Kid ( skilling Guide ) Icon_minitimeSun Jan 10, 2010 4:25 pm

First off some of you needed help on how to train skills which is understandable so i made this... hope you like it if you dont i dont really give 2 shits Smile

This is how you train most of the skills not all skills are clickable most of them tell you where to train them please dont bitch about it Smile

Talk to the dude at catherby for more information about it or you can just look at my GIF vid right below this message Smile

This guy at catherby

Owner Kid ( skilling Guide ) 2ag5cph


Owner Kid ( skilling Guide ) 23jptlg


Owner Kid ( skilling Guide ) Fnvck9


Owner Kid ( skilling Guide ) 33cyxig
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Owner Kid ( skilling Guide )
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